Need to Scale Your Phone System User Extensions Up and Down Without Breaking Your Contract Terms?

Does your business experience a significant change in staff numbers at various times of the year?
Do you have problems with scaling the number of Phone System or Telephony users during these periods?
Do you have trouble with managing licenses with your vendors, with contract terms and minimum spends, when you only need the licenses for a short period of time?

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Are you looking to review your Telephony and find a provider with more flexible and scalable licensing and pricing?

We work with many organisations that experience large changes and fluctuations in the number of staff and phone system users or contact centre agents, based on projects, seasons, events, time of the year, whether its political campaigns, Black Friday sales, seasonal or unexpected projects or increases in work, events, sporting events, retail increases due to Easter, Christmas or New Year’s etc.

The team at Telco Quotes have partnered with a select few vendors, that allow you to self- administer and scale your numbers of Telephony Users, Contact Centre Agents or Phone system licenses up and down without dramatically affecting your pricing, minimum commitment and contract terms, and only pay for what you use when your staff numbers return to normal.

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Common Challenges That Australian Businesses Experience

We have worked with a number of clients in industries who experience seasonal staff fluctuations including air conditioning, tourism, construction, transport, medical, retail and government agencies.

The challenge is created when an organisation has a large influx of users for a short period of time, and their phone system licences and concurrent calls are deployed and charged on a per user basis in a fixed contract, with a minimum spend commitment.

Most providers will allow you to scale UP and increase the number of user licences, and with this, a new increased minimum commitment, that would last until the end of the contract term. This results in unnecessary higher costs over the term of the contract with long periods of time having underutilised services, with no ability to scale back down.

Most vendors will allow you to Scale your Telephony Users UP but not DOWN.

We worked with an air conditioning provider that for 80% of the year, has approximately 100 fulltime users and during summer they scale their inbound call centre team, their outbound service and support team and their technicians doing installs from 100 users to 150 users for 3 months and then go back down to 100 users thereafter. Their previous provider would charge them for 150 users irrespective of their consumption, as the number of licenses were provisioned to the peak volume of users and then it was impossible to scale back down to 100.

How Can Telco Quotes Help?

The good news is, there are a few select providers that will allow you to scale your users up and down without dramatically affecting your pricing, minimum commitment and contract term.

Further benefits would include:

  • Fast deployment of new users
  • Fast deletion of users when not required
  • Real time changes to user details, call flows, ring groups, call queues and messaging
  • Self-provisioning and administration of user accounts (add/remove/change)
  • Large cost savings over the term of the agreement

There are only a few vendors on the market that offer these flexible billing agreements and depending on the nature of your business, these agreements prove to be not only cost-effective methods of managing your phone system and contact centre users but convenient management of your telephony in general. The Team at Telco Quotes can analyse your existing bills and usage and introduce you to vendors who are a better fit for your business.

We have saved our customers in excess of 40%+ off their telephony costs by moving their services over to a provider that supports consumption-based pricing. Allowing you to self-provision user licenses up and down.

If Your Business is struggling with managing big variations in staff numbers and the knock-on effect to your Telecommunications Costs, give the team at Telco Quotes a call on 1300 978 073 for a complimentary initial consultation.

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