Need a Quote for End of Life Telecommunications Upgrade?

One Account Manager. Multiple Quotes. No Fuss.

Has your Telecommunications Infrastructure reached end of life? If your PABX or on-premise phone system hardware is end of life and no longer supported, or your handsets are old and out of support, in some cases, compatible handsets may not be available and you are running the risk of not being able to get support for your phone system if something breaks.  You may not have a choice but to upgrade your Telecommunications infrastructure.

If you are being forced to upgrade end of life hardware and you need to maintain business continuity, our team can provide you with Telecommunications quotes for a modern on-premise phone system which is essentially an upgraded version of what you have or we can consider a fully hosted VoIP phone system, where there is no onsite infrastructure and the entire phone system is managed by the vendor in the cloud.

In the event that you want to try and salvage what you have, we can look up the model number of your PBX, and see if there are spares or compatible handsets available on the second-hand market to tie you over till the entire system can be upgraded.

The first part of the upgrade process is to understand if there is anything about your old system you weren’t happy with to begin with, if there are any new features or functionality you need and to get an indication of budget and if you prefer capex or opex. As your phone system is probably old, we can share with you some of the technology improvements that have been made in Telco over the past few years, including things like call recording, CRM integration, contact centre solutions and audio/video conferencing.

Based on your feedback, wishlist and budget our Telecommunications Consultants can present up to 3 quotes for new telco services, we can mix technologies (on-premise and hosted) if you like and get quotes from different vendors. The type of quote we provide will depend on what your priorities are, ie if you want support to be based in Australia with local account management, if you want the cheapest options available on the market, or if you want a provider who can provide onsite commissioning services. In addition to the Telco quote, we can also provide you with a proposal for installation and commissioning if required.  

Because of our relationships with over 40+ Telecommunications suppliers and wholesalers around Australia, we are in a strong position to mix and match services based on your business requirements. Most of our engagement starts with a high-level bill review to baseline what you are currently spending in comparison to market rates, we can help you cut costs, improve service quality and reliability, and can also provide you with some impartial advice and step you through the quoting process.

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