Interested in Integrating Your Phone System and Business Applications With Your Contact Centre?

In the past few years there have been some big developments in technology in the Communications and Collaboration Space. There are solutions on the market where your Phone System, Telephony, Critical Business Apps and your Contact centre are all integrated and communicate with each other. Each of these solutions share the same data set and make tracking customer information across different platforms significantly easier.

Having disparate systems where your Contact Centre is not integrated with your Telephony can create data silos and make the flow of information between different tools in your business more cumbersome.

Contact centre solutions used to be reserved for large corporates and enterprises, with very expensive licenses and setup fees. Things have changed, fully integrated solutions are available at very affordable prices and are feature rich and easy to use.

One Account Manager. Multiple Quotes. No Fuss.

What Are The Benefits of Integrating Your Contact Centre With Your Telephony?

Most corporates and enterprises have some kind of contact centre solution in place to assist with their call volumes, staff management and customer experience. Historically it has been too hard, complicated and price prohibitive for small business, but this is all changing due to the competition between a number of global cloud-based telephony and contact centre providers, where Small To Medium Business (SMB) in Australia stand to benefit from.
SMB solutions are readily available and easily deployed as a part of their Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) strategy.
For businesses that don’t have these solutions in place, below is a list of reasons why an SMB in Australia should seriously consider doing more with their phone systems, beyond just placing and receiving calls.

1. Customer Experience (CX)

a. Customers are expecting better and faster engagement with their suppliers and providers.

b. In addition, multi-channel or omni channel engagement is becoming ever more important, as customers like to communicate not just via a phone call, but also via SMS, online chats, social media, email and video.

2. Staff experience and performance

a. Many businesses have challenges with optimising their work force in relation to customer contact methods, staff working hours and availability, staff working locations and remote work, management of this information and workflow.

b. Staff satisfaction is also linked to the performance of business systems and the ease and effective use of their tools. Not having correct customer information at hand across your business, can be frustrating, time consuming and sometimes embarrassing for staff.

3. Savings in time and money

a. Effective communications channels save time and money for both the business and their end customers, since everyone gets to a resolution faster and with less stress.

b. Working from home or overseas has been another major factor in the changing business landscape.

4. Visibility, flexibility, analytics and process efficiencies

a. IT managers, contact centre managers, Call Centre Managers and other team leaders depend more on the information that they can get from their telephony and contact centre, in order to drive future business decisions, including numbers of contact centre agents.

b. Ability for Contact Centre Manager and management to Listen to calls or pull up call recordings to monitor and improve agent performance.

c. Convenient and fast outbound dialling and calling, auto diallers also available.

5. Competitive

a. Lots of small to medium business are competing with larger organisations and other SMBs, so using these kinds of technologies give them an edge to maintain their competitive position and help with their customer acquisition and retention.

Interesting Facts about Contact Centre Software Solutions

  • More than half of small to medium businesses have or are planning a contact center implementation to streamline processes
  • Voice, SMS, social media are top 3 “must have” customer interaction channels
  • Analytics, outbound dialers, Integrated Research (IR) top ‘must have’ requirements
  • Top triggers to get a Contact Centre solution: Increased focus on CX, competitive positioning; new solutions geared toward small businesses
  • Top pain points hoping CC solution will solve: Inefficient use of agent time; lack of advanced capabilities (SBR, pre-recorded voicemails); lack of KPI transparency


Integrate your phone system with other business applications

Telephone and contact centre solutions can integrate with a wide variety of CRMs, accounting software, project management software, ticketing and other business applications.

Below are some examples of commonly used business applications that can integrate with your phone and contact centre solution.

Hubspot, Salesforce, G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Zendesk, Cirqlive, Docebo, Google, Prezi, Slack, AWeber, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, ActiveDemand, Automate, Calendly, Zoho, HipChat, redtail, Acuity, Vitalect, Clio, Curve Dental, VetPawer, CatapultEMS, Purple Cloud, RevenueWell, SolutionReach, Theta Lake, LeadsBridge, PlusThis, Unbounce, Webmecanik, Cvent,blueButler,Momentum, Procore, Zscaler, Cornerstone, Swell, LawGro, CallCabinet, MacPractice, CallerID, Spice CSM, Ungerboeck, Interprefy, Intellum, Litmos, Leadpages, Okta, ServiceNow, Zapier, ConnectWise

Summary of Top Features and Benefits of an Integrated Contact Centre and Phone System Solution

  • Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions only requires a live internet connection as all the software is hosted in the cloud.
  • Accurate Customer Information across all communication options within your business is great for customer and staff satisfaction.
  • No need to upgrade hardware and software on premise
  • High availability (99.99% and higher)
  • Easy to change, administer and scale, Instantaneous configuration changes
  • Scale up and down depending on industry requirements, events, seasonality
  • Work from anywhere
  • Secure portals and communications methods for Agents, Supervisors and Administrators
  • Puts SMB on and equal level playing field with global enterprises for customer service
  • Queue routing, Queue call back and Automatic Call Back, Skills based call routing
  • Ring groups, Outbound dialling
  • Analytics and Call Performance Tracking
  • SMS messaging and SMS Chat Queues
  • Missed call information
  • Real time dash boards
  • Easy switching between voice, SMS, video and chat
  • Automatic pre-recorded messages and Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Integration to CRMs and other business applications
  • 24/7 customer support

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