Need assistance from a Unified Communications Consultant?

At Telco Quotes Our Unified Communications Consultants help Australian businesses solve problems with their Telecommunications And Collaboration solutions. We can help businesses establish a Unified Communications strategy, consolidate the number of vendors they are using and in most cases cut costs off their UC services. Modern Unified Communications As a Service (UCaaS) solutions provide integrated communications between a number of services, allowing customer information to be shared across multiple platforms with ease and at a very cost effective price point.

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How Can Telco Quotes Help?

Most business utilise a number of telecommunications or messaging platforms from a number of different vendors to interact with customers and for internal communication. As technology has improved the modes of communication has increased and the number of products that businesses procure has also increased.

Regardless of the size of your business, the most common business communications methods include:

  • Voice or telephony services, delivered via a phone system or PBX,
  • Emails, chat software and SMS,
  • Web and video meetings, audio conferencing services,
  • Screen and content sharing, remote assistance software,
  • Contact centre Solutions

The above communications services would typically integrate with:


  • User end points (handsets, mobiles, headsets, computers, screens)
  • Business applications such as CRMs and other industry specific software

Unless your business has a holistic UCaaS strategy, most organisations have multiple providers for the different services above. They often have limited integrations, lack of visibility, current systems are not easy to use, have issues with under-utilisation of people, services and equipment. All these factors translate to unnecessary costs and reduced business performance.

At Telco Quotes, we can do a complete review of your current technologies, understand your pain points, we can review your bills to determine how much you are paying and understand what features and functionality that you would like to have. We can go to market and find some options to improve your overall Unified Communications strategy.

The Team at Telco Quotes can help you define a Unified Communications Strategy and simplify the number of services that your business uses and pays for. Our team of Telecommunications and UCaaS Consultants can review the services that your business currently pays for, the communications methods you would like to introduce and the critical pieces of software in your business you would like to integrate with and we can present some options based on our findings.

We work with a few select providers that have a Phone System, Contact Centre and Collaboration bundle, which provide a stack of communications services that are fully integrated at an affordable monthly fee per agent. For businesses that have a standalone Contact Centre solutions, these bundles can be quite cost competitive and easy to deploy compared to traditional solutions.

Typical Pain Points A Unified Communications Consultant Can Help You Address:

  • Too many services and providers on the market to choose from
  • Different Communications tools don’t talk to each other when purchased separately and need technical experience to determine which tools seamlessly integrate with one another
  • When purchasing services from different vendors, some services Double up or are underutilised and valuable tools could be missing.
  • Confused about what options exist on the market and may not have the experience to make a decision.
  • Don’t fully understand the benefits and features of UCaaS and how it can assist your business.
  • Need to save money, whilst picking the right tools and providers
  • Need to eliminate unused services from the business, including services that some staff may have procured themselves without IT or Procurement giving approval.
  • Need to integrate existing equipment and assets with new communication and collaboration tools
  • Not enough visibility, transparency and understanding of current services and what the deficiencies are, to make a decision on new technologies.
  • There is no native integration between different tools, leaving you with data silos and incomplete information available on certain platforms.
  • Inefficiencies exist for staff and organisations when trying to access information sitting across multiple platforms, or not having auto dialers or skill based routing place.

At Telco Quotes, we provide Telecommunications, UC and UCaaS consulting all over Australia, we have helped Aussie businesses all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart.

So whether you are located in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Tasmania (TAS), Northern Territory (NT), give the team at Telco Consultant a call, the initial engagement is complimentary 1300 978 073.